Dog walking and off leash areas

Dog walking is a great way to teach your dog to play and socialise with people and animals. It's also important for the health and happiness of your dog. It also helps you to keep fit! We have many designated off-leash areas which offer a great place to exercise your dog and practise obedience training.

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Each of our parks have different rules - some are on-leash only and many are a combination of on and off-leash. For the comfort and safety of everyone, please familiarise yourself with these areas and observe signs in our parks. 

Do I need a leash?

Yes. Many of our parks and reserves have off-leash areas, but there are also areas and/or times when your dog must be on-leash. Our on and off-leash guide (PDF, 3MB) has a full list of our parks and their facilities, including colour-coding for on and off-leash areas.

See below for parks that are on and off-leash, and on-leash only.

On and off-leash areas in Glen Eira

Parks with off-leash areas

Allnutt Park, McKinnon

The northern end of Allnutt Park is off-leash, while the southern end is on-leash (including the playground and barbecue area, as well the entrance from Beech Street).

Location: Wheatley Road, McKinnon

Find out more about Allnutt Park

Bailey Reserve, Bentleigh East

The two sports grounds at the southern end of Bailey Reserve are off-leash (the playground side). While the northern end is on-leash (close to GESAC).

Please note: dogs should be on-leash within 20m of both the playground and skate park facilities. 

Location: 200 East Boundary Road, Bentleigh East

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Boyd Park, Murrumbeena

The northern section from Gilsland Road to Dandenong Road and the southern section from Lawrance Street to Neerim Road are off-leash areas. The middle section, including the playground area, is on-leash.

Location: Neerim Road, Murrumbeena

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Caulfield Park, Caulfield North

There is a large portion of Caulfield Park that is designated as an off-leash area. Specifically, this area encompasses the 6 sporting grounds in the centre of the park. The Hawthorn Road end and the Park Crescent end are both on-leash areas.

Please note, dogs should be on-leash within 20m of a sports activity, including both training and competition.

Location: Corner Hawthorn and Balaclava Roads, Caulfield North

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Caulfield Racecourse Wedge — Pawfield Park, Caulfield East

Glen Eira’s first — and only — fully-fenced dog off-leash area is located at The Wedge — the western side of Caulfield Racecourse.

Location: Booran Road, Caulfield East

Find out more about Caulfield Racecourse Wedge — Pawfield Park

Centenary Park, Bentleigh East

The western side of Centenary Park is on-leash (closest to Brady Road, including the western sports ground). The eastern side of Centenary Park is off leash (closest to Bignell Road, including the eastern oval). 

Location: Bignell Road, Bentleigh East

Find out more about Centenary Park

Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, Murrumbeena

The sportsgrounds at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve are designated dog off-leash areas. The netball courts, athletics track, car park and playground area are dog on-leash areas.

Location: Corner North and Murrumbeena Roads, Murrumbeena

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East Caulfield Reserve, East Caulfield

The sorts grounds and surrounding grassed areas at East Caulfield Reserve are off-leash areas. The playground, multipurpose sports courts and car park areas are on-leash.

Location: Corner Dudley Street and Dandenong Road, Caulfield East

Find out more about East Caulfield Reserve

EE Gunn Reserve, Ormond

The eastern ovals (closest to the railway line) are off-leash areas. All other areas including the playground area and western oval (closest to Malane Street and Beatty Crescent) are on-leash.

Location: Corner Foch and Malane Streets, Ormond

Find out more about EE Gunn Reserve

Glen Huntly Park, Caulfield East

The western side of Glen Huntly Park, including the main sportsground, car-park, playground and picnic area, are all on-leash. The eastern side of the park next to the sportsground is an off-leash area.

Location: Corner Booran and Neerim Roads, Caulfield East

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Greenmeadows Gardens, St Kilda East

The northern end of Greenmeadows Gardens (north of Melby Avenue) is off-leash between 6am and 9am. The park is on-leash at all other times.

Location: Green Street, St Kilda East

Find out more about Greenmeadows Gardens

Halley Park, Bentleigh

The open grassed area at the western end of Halley Park (closest to Ethel Street) is off-leash. All other areas of Halley Park, including the playground and picnic areas, are on-leash. 

Location: Jasper Road, Bentleigh

Find out more about Halley Park

Harleston Park, Elsternwick

The outer area of Harleston Park, external to the playground and picnic shelters, is off-leash between 6am and 9am. Dogs must be on-leash at all other times within the park.

Location: Seymour Road or Allison Road, Elsternwick

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Hodgson Reserve, Bentleigh

The open space sportsground area of Hodgson Reserve is off leash. However, it should be noted, that dogs must be on-leash within 20 metres of playgrounds and barbecues. The playground areas and upper level of Hodgson Reserve are on-leash at all times. 

Location: Higgins Road, Bentleigh

Find out more about Hodgson Reserve

Hopetoun Gardens, Elsternwick

The northern end of Hopetoun Gardens (Glenhuntly Road end) is off-leash between 6am and 9am, and on leash outside of these times. The southern end of park below the Bandstand is on-leash at all times. 

Location: Corner Victoria Street and Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick

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Joyce Park, Ormond

The playground area and western end of the Tyrone Street entrance is on-leash. The eastern side of the Tyrone Street entrance is off leash.

Location: Jasper Road, Ormond

Find out more about Joyce Park

King George VI Memorial Reserve, Bentleigh East

The western side of King George VI Memorial Reserve closest to East Boundary Road (including the playground and the western oval) is on-leash.  The eastern oval closest to Chesterville Road is off-leash.

Location: East Boundary Road, Bentleigh East

Find out more about King George VI Memorial Reserve

Lord Reserve, Carnegie

All of Lord Reserve is an off-leash park. However, dogs should be on-leash within 20m of the picnic shelter and BBQ facilities.

Location: Munro Avenue, Carnegie

Find out more about Lord Reserve

Marlborough Street Reserve, Bentleigh

The western side of the park, on the sportsground, is and off-leash area. The eastern side of Marlborough Street Reserve (closest to Malborough Street) is an on-leash area. This on-leash area includes the playground.

Location: Marlborough Street, Bentleigh

Find out more about Marlborough Street Reserve

McKinnon Reserve, McKinnon

The southern end of the park (oval two) is an off-leash area. The northern end of McKinnon Reserve, including the playground and main oval closest to McKinnon Road, is an on-leash area.

Location: McKinnon Road, McKinnon 

Find out more about McKinnon Reserve

Moorleigh Community Village, Bentleigh East

The area behind the sports pavilion, next to the golf course and tennis courts, is off-leash areas.  The main sportsground and building areas at Moorleigh Community Village are on-leash areas.

Location: Bignell Road, Bentleigh East

Find our more about Moorleigh Community Village

Murrumbeena Park, Murrumbeena

There are two separate off-leash areas at Murrumbeena Park:

  • the eastern sportsground and area to its north and east
  • the open space area west of the playground along Kangaroo Road, not including the basketball area and picnic shelter

The western sportsground, playground area and the open space that links to Gerald Street are all on-leash areas.

Location: Kangaroo Road, Murrumbeena

Find out more about Murrubeena Park

Packer Park, Carnegie

The open space areas located north of the sports ground and east of the creek are both off-leash areas. The sport and recreation facilities are all on-leash areas. These areas include the pavilion, sports ground, velodrome, picnic areas, bocce and bowls area, playground and ball sport areas.

Location: Leila Road, Carnegie

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Princes Park, Caulfield South

All sportsgrounds at Princes Park are off-leash areas. Please respect the shared use of these sportsgrounds by ensuring that dogs are on-leash within 20m of a sporting activity. The western end of Princes Park is an on-leash area. This on-leash area includes the playground, rotunda, picnic area, car parks and open space along Hawthorn Road.

Location: Corner of Hawthorn and Bambra Roads, Caulfield South

Find out more about Princes Park

Rosanna Street Reserve, Carnegie

The area between the playground and the sensory garden at Rosanna Street Reserve is off-leash between 6am and 9am, and on-leash outside of these times. All other areas are on-leash at all times.

Location: Rosanna Street, Carnegie

Find out more about Rosanna Street Reserve

Springthorpe Gardens, Murrumbeena

Springthorpe Gardens is off-leash between 6am and 9am, and on-leash outside of these times.

Location: Corner Neerim Road and Tuckett Street, Murrumbeena

Find out more about Springthorpe Gardens

Victory Park, Bentleigh

The sportsgrounds at Victory Park are off-leash areas. The car park and playground are on-leash areas.

Location: Patterson Road, Bentleigh

Find out more about Victory Park

Wattle Grove Reserve, McKinnon

The area 20m south of the hit-up wall at Wattle Grove Reserve is an off-leash area. All other areas are on-leash at all times.

Location: Wattle Grove, McKinnon

Find out more about Wattle Grove Reserve

Any Glen Eira parks not listed above are exclusively on-leash.

Rules for off-leash areas

Some parks in Glen Eira have designated areas marked with green off-leash signs. These are off-leash areas. Even though you’re free to enjoy off-leash areas with your dog, you should remember some simple rules.

Dogs must not be off-leash within 20 metres of:

  • playgrounds, barbecues or picnic areas
  • sports facilities such as the Duncan Mackinnon Athletics Track and netball facilities and Packer Park Velodrome
  • sportsgrounds during sporting events or event preparation
  • organised public meetings.

Please clean up after your dog at all times.

Your dog should not harass people or other animals. Even when dogs are in off-leash areas, you must keep them in sight and under your voice control.

Keep your dog on a leash at all times in public places, except in certain parks and designated off-leash areas.

When your dog is on-leash, keep it under control with a chain, cord or leash no more than 1.5 metres long.

Consider others

Not everyone likes dogs and some people are intimidated by even small dogs, so never let your dog jump up on people.

If your dog doesn’t return when you call it or you have difficulty controlling your dog, you should never let it off its leash.

We regularly patrol our parks and open spaces to ensure owners are meeting their obligations. If you’re found doing the wrong thing, significant fines can apply.


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