Springthorpe Gardens

Springthorpe Gardens is a quaint, picturesque park with lush trees and benches for relaxing. It's especially beautiful in early spring when the trees are blossoming.


  • Dogs – off leash

  • Dogs – on leash

  • Seating

  • Tables

  • Walking Path

Springhope Gardens is named after well-known medical physician, Dr John Springthorpe.  

The gates on the corner of Tuckett Street and Neerim Road were the original lodge gates of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. In 1910, they were presented to Springthorpe in appreciation for his services. For many years they marked the entrance to his property at what is now Joyous Gard Court. When he died in 1933 his house was demolished, and the gates were donated to Caulfield Council.

Dog leash information

Springthorpe Gardens is off-leash between 6am and 9am, and on-leash outside of these times.

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