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Your feedback is important to us, and we want you to know how it informs our decisions. We consider views gathered in our community engagement activities, along with data, advice and legislation.

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Our Priorities, Our Future

We are dedicated to providing high-quality services for residents, businesses and visitors now and into the future.

Inflation and rising costs are making it tougher for all councils to operate, including Glen Eira, so we’re taking action to plan responsibly now with future budgets and our shared community priorities in mind.

To do this well, we want to hear your views so that we strike the right balance and prioritise appropriately.

Community survey — open now

Tell us which Council services are most important to you and let us know how can we best raise money, or cut costs, to pay for the services you value most.

By completing this survey you’ll be joining a community-wide conversation that will make a difference for future plans and budgets.


Exhibition of Amendment C237 — Carnegie Structure Plan

In August 2022, Council adopted the Carnegie Structure Plan 2022. The Structure Plan is a 15-year plan to manage growth and improvement in the Carnegie Major Activity Centre. It sets out the long-term vision and the future directions for the centre to help it maintain its valued historical character and charm while accommodating some future growth and change. It provides guidance for the location and scale of retail, commercial and residential development into the future and supports improved access, streetscapes and public spaces throughout the centre.

A planning scheme amendment is required to introduce the planning control recommendations of the Structure Plan into the planning scheme. We have prepared Amendment C237 for this purpose.

You are invited to have your say by making a submission to the amendment

Submissions close on Friday 29 September 2023


Nature strips are areas of public land that lie between the boundary of private property and the road kerb. They soften and enhance the streetscape by providing a ‘green’ zone and buffer between pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

They also provide opportunities to enhance habitat and urban biodiversity through the planting of mixed shrubs and groundcovers, particularly when these species are indigenous. It is increasingly recognised that many small areas of mixed planting can have a valuable, cumulative effect on species biodiversity in heavily urbanised environments.

Our current Nature Strip Planting Guidelines were first endorsed in 2019. We want to make it easier for community members to plant in nature strips, but over the last four years, feedback from the community has suggested the guidelines are too restrictive making it hard to successfully apply for a permit.

We have now updated the Guidelines based on this feedback to maximise the opportunities for residents to landscape their nature strips, while still ensuring appropriate safety provisions are kept.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts on the updates through the survey, closing on Sunday 24 September

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