Active engagements

Your feedback is important to us, and we want you to know how it informs our decisions. We consider views gathered in our community engagement activities, along with data, advice and legislation.


We’d like to hear your thoughts on our approach to managing rooming houses in Glen Eira.

We are proposing a Rooming House Policy to guide Council's approach to managing rooming houses in Glen Eira. We want your feedback about the draft Policy and how Council can improve our approach to rooming houses.

The draft Policy focuses on educating rooming house operators to improve the standards of rooming houses and protecting the health of our community. It includes Council’s risk management approach, which targets rooming houses that pose greater risks to public health.

Consultation closes Monday 15 July.

aerial image of houses across Glen Eira

Fair Access Policy and Action Plan

Share your thoughts on progressing equal access and participation in community sport and recreation.

Community sport and active recreation needs to be safe, accessible, and inclusive — for everyone — from players, coaches, and administrators to volunteers, spectators and officials.

That’s why we’re developing our first-ever draft Fair Access Policy and Action Plan, to support more equal access to community sport and active recreation, especially for women and girls.

Fair access recognises the importance of creating a level playing field to help increase participation of women and girls and other underrepresented groups in sports and recreation.

Consultation closes Sunday 21 July.

Girls playing soccer at Lord Reserve

Glen Eira Community Voice

Help shape your community

Do you live in Glen Eira? We are looking to sign up new members to our Community Voice feedback panel. If you're 18 or older, register your interest to share feedback and make an ongoing impact on Council decision-making.  Sign up today by expressing your interest to help shape your community.