Council actively and transparently advocates for the projects and policies that matter to the Glen Eira community.

How we advocate

Advocacy is where Council publicly voices its support for projects and policies to other levels of government.

We develop our advocacy priorities and activities by actively engaging with you. Our advocacy priorities are outlined in the Council Plan 2021–2025 [PDF] and our strategies.

We provide civic leadership in advocating to the Australian and Victorian Governments. We work closely with our local Members of Parliament to address the issues that affect our shared communities.

At election time, we engage with candidates of all political parties, and independents, to help them to understand the priorities of the Glen Eira community.

Why we advocate

Council is committed to delivering the projects that matter to you, and to helping to bring about the urgent policy reforms you want to see.

While Council has a bold and ambitious agenda for our City, we can’t deliver it alone. We want to partner with the Australian and Victorian Governments to help us to fund local projects, and to make significant policy reforms.

By advocating, we ensure the Australian and Victorian Governments understand, listen to and deliver on our City’s priorities. We encourage collaboration, so all levels of government work together for the benefit of Glen Eira residents.

What we advocate for

We have worked with you to understand the priorities which are important to you and you want other levels of government to work with us to deliver.

Our priorities

Our advocacy campaigns are based on policy and strategy positions that are supported by evidence and data. Our Priority advocacy projects for 2022–2023 [PDF] were endorsed by Council in March 2022.

Our priorities are:

  • enhancing community assets and infrastructure
  • developing our open space
  • responding to the climate emergency
  • improving integrated transport and connectivity.

Under each of these priorities, Council has identified the projects we want to see funded and the policies we want to see reformed.

How to get involved and Have Your Say

We welcome community ideas, input and feedback. We want to strengthen relationships and build a better understanding of your needs and views, to inform our advocacy activities.

Get involved to have your say and share your ideas and opinions.

Visit our Have Your Say website

Download our Priority advocacy projects for 2022​–2023