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The 2019/2020 Victorian Bushfire Emergency is currently affecting communities across the state. We will continue to keep you updated on our efforts to support communities affected by bushfires. To find out more and how you can support the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, visit our Victorian Bushfire Emergency page.

Hard rubbish, branches and cardboard

Your household can book up to three free collections (of each service) per financial year.

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If your items are in good working order, you can also donate them. You can search our recycling A-Z guide to find an Op Shop, or contact Donate Direct to match items to those in need.

How do I book a collection?

Bookings can be made from one day to one week in advance. Hard rubbish and bulk cardboard collections are on the same day as your normal garbage service. Bundled branches are collected on Wednesdays. To book a collection use the button below or contact our customer service team.

When will you collect it?

We collect hard rubbish and bulk cardboard on your regular bin collection day. You need to make your booking before midnight the previous day. For example, if you make a booking on Monday and your bin collection day is a Thursday your items will be collected on the Thursday.

We collect bundled branches on Wednesdays. You need to make your booking before 3pm Tuesday for collection on the following Wednesday.

Public holiday collection dates

Australia Day Public Holiday: Hard rubbish and bulk cardboard collections for Monday 27 January will be collected Tuesday 28 January.

What can I put out in hard rubbish?

  • furniture, electronic equipment (size of a DVD player or larger) and appliances
  • up to one cubic metre of carpet
  • whitegoods (fridge doors must be removed)
  • mattresses
  • up to 10 small pieces of timber.

We may not collect everything at once. Separate trucks are used for different items.

We cannot collect:

  • car parts, batteries or tyres
  • gas bottles
  • chemicals or liquids
  • paint or oil
  • commercial or business waste
  • waste material from construction or demolition (timber, bricks, concrete, etc)
  • heavy items that can't be lifted by two people
  • broken glass
  • asbestos

Size limits:

  • Maximum of four cubic metres of hard waste.
  • Maximum length or height of two metres for single items.
Hard rubbish size limits

See here for tips and transfer station locations who can accept some of these items. Please contact them directly to confirm. Fees may apply.

What can I put out in bundled branches?

We will collect:

  • bundled tree branches

If your branches are less than 7.5 centimetres thick, you must tie them in bundles with strong string, not pantyhose, plastic or wire.

We will not collect:

  • timber, stumps or roots
  • branches over 15 centimetres thick
  • soil-contaminated materials
  • boxes or bags of green waste - put these in your green bin
  • branches containing wire or nails
  • ivy, bamboo, vines, palm trees, thorny plants like rose bushes, weeds, grass or leaves
  • real Christmas trees, under two metres in length.

Size limits

  • Maximum bundles of two metres long and 30 centimetres thick.
  • Maximum of 20 bundled branches no more than three cubic metres.
Bundled branches sizes

What can I put out for bulk cardboard?

We will collect:

  • flattened cardboard

You must tie your cardboard in a bundle with strong string.

Bulk cardboard example

To book a hard rubbish, bundled branches or bulk cardboard collection use the button below or contact our customer service team. 

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