Hard rubbish, branches and cardboard

Your household can book up to three free collections (of each service) per financial year — so, you can receive three hard rubbish collections, three bulk cardboard collections and three bundled branch collections annually.

This includes residents who live in apartment blocks that are not serviced by Council for their kerbside waste (ie. do not have Glen Eira bins). Please also check with your property manager or owners corporation, as some properties have additional rules in place about where to place rubbish and on which week of the month.

How to book
Step 1:
Check your items for collection meet our guidelines.
Step 2: Make a booking.
Step 3: Once you have submitted your booking, place your items out the night before the collection day.

Bundled branches are collected on a Wednesday and should be placed out on Tuesday night. Hard rubbish and bulk cardboard are collected the day that your household bins are emptied, so place items out the night before.

Book hard rubbish, bulk cardboard or bundled branches collections online or contact us on 03 9524 3333.

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Bookings and collections

If your items are in good working order, you can also donate them. You can search our recycling A-Z guide to find an Op Shop, or contact Donate Direct to match items to those in need. If possible, we recommend you find a repair, reuse or recycling option near you to dispose of your items in an environmentally friendly way. 

Please specify at the time of booking if your items will be left on a different nature strip, not directly out the front of your property address.

If you place any non-compliant items out or if your collection is over the cubic metre size limit, your whole collection may be rejected. 

Hard rubbish and bulk cardboard:

  • Bookings can be made from one day to one week in advance.
  • Your items will be collected on the same day as your bin, put your items out the night before.

Note: you need to make your booking before midnight the previous day. For example, if you make a booking on Monday and your bin collection day is a Thursday your items will be collected on that Thursday.

Bundled branches:

  • Bookings can be made from one day to one week in advance.
  • Your bundled branches are collected on Wednesdays. 

Note: you need to make your booking before 3pm on Tuesday for collection Wednesday. 

Public holidays:

If your booked collection day falls on a public holiday, it will be collected one working day before or after your normal collection day. 

Cancelling a booked collection

You can cancel your booked collection by calling Customer Service during business hours on 9524 3333. Please call before the scheduled collection date.

You cannot cancel your booking if it is on the same day as your scheduled collection. Any booking not cancelled before the collection date is included as one of your 3 free booked collections for the financial year.

Hard rubbish guidelines

Size limits:

  • Maximum of four cubic metres of hard waste. 
  • Maximum length or height of two metres for single items.

We may not collect everything at once. Separate trucks are used for different items. 

Hard rubbish size limits

The items and materials collected through hard rubbish collections are sent to specialised facilities for further processing and recycling.  What is left from these processes is disposed of at landfill. Materials like carpet and timber cannot be recycled.  

We encourage residents to donate any items in workable condition directly to charities, and have items repaired wherever possible before discarding.

Hard rubbish — we will collect

Yes we collect:

  • household furniture (chairs, couches, tables, drawers)
  • household appliances and white goods (doors must be removed or taped shut)
  • household mattresses and bed bases
  • doonas, blankets and pillows
  • timber (up to 10 pieces less than 2 metres long, no protruding nails)
  • carpet or linoleum (up to one cubic metre rolled up)
  • glass and ceramics (must be wrapped and labelled for safety)
  • empty paint tins.

To find out how to dispose of full paint tins, visit our Rubbish or recyclable? Our A-Z guide.

Hard rubbish — we won't collect

NO we will not collect:

  • car parts, batteries or tyres
  • gas bottles
  • chemicals, liquids or empty chemical containers
  • paint or oil
  • building, renovation or demolition waste material (timber, bricks, plasterboard, concrete, soil, rubble etc.)
  • fibreboard (MDF), cupboard and bench materials
  • commercial or business waste
  • pallets
  • general household waste or garden waste
  • heavy items that can't be lifted by two people
  • broken or unwrapped glass
  • asbestos

Electronic waste (e-waste)

Drop-off smaller E-waste items at our collection stations at the Carnegie, Elsternwick, Caulfield and Bentleigh Libraries. They accept: 

  • phones and cameras, and their cords and accessories 
  • x-rays 
  • batteries 
  • CDs and floppy disks 
  • videos, cassettes, cases 
  • fluorescent tubes 
  • light globes 

Larger E-waste or appliances that are not suitable to drop-off at our e-waste library hubs, such as DVD players, microwaves, kitchenware, small whitegoods, and office ware such as printers etc, can be dropped off at your nearest transfer station.

We encourage residents to donate any items in workable condition directly to charities, and have items repaired wherever possible before discarding. 

Here are some other ways to recycle your electronic waste: 

Find out more about recycling electronic waste.

You can book a hard rubbish collection for larger e-waste items but we cannot guarantee that these items will be recycled. 

We can collect these items through the hard rubbish service:

  • screens or monitors
  • computers
  • televisions
  • printers
  • microwaves.

It is important that everything you use is disposed of responsibly. Please refer to our A-Z Rubbish and Recycling Guide for what to do with items that cannot be disposed of in your household bins or through Council’s hard rubbish collection.   

See here for tips and transfer station locations that can accept some of these items. Please contact them directly to confirm. Fees may apply. 

Bulk cardboard guidelines

We will collect: 

  • flattened secured cardboard
  • maximum of 3 cubic metres cardboard per collection.

You must tie your cardboard in a bundle with strong string.

Bulk cardboard example

Bundled branch guidelines

Size limits: 

  • Maximum bundles of two metres long and 30 centimetres thick. 
  • Maximum of 20 bundled branches, no more than three cubic metres. 

We will collect: 

  • tied bundled tree branches (see size limits)
Bundled branch sizes

If your branches are less than 7.5 centimetres thick, you must tie them in bundles with strong string, not pantyhose, plastic or wire.

Bundled branches — what we won't collect

  • timber, stumps or roots
  • branches over 15 centimetres thick
  • soil-contaminated materials
  • loose untied green waste - put this in your green bin
  • green waste in boxes or bags
  • branches containing wire or nails
  • ivy, bamboo, vines, palm trees/fronds, yuccas, thorny plants like rose bushes, weeds, grass or leaves
  • real Christmas trees, over two metres in length.

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