Rubbish or recyclable? Our A-Z guide

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Please note: it is best to contact providers directly to confirm their current services, fees may apply.

Want to learn more about sustainable living and minimising waste? Check out our 10 tips to reduce waste webpage for more ideas to live sustainably and grow our local circular economy. 




Accessories in good condition can be donated to opportunity shops, SCR Recycling Hubs or use Donate Direct to match your items directly to those in need. If accessories can't be reused or donated, they should go in your red general waste bin.


Advertising material

Advertising brochures and pamphlets can be recycled in your yellow recycling bin. 

Aluminium and steel, Chemicals

Aerosol Cans

Empty aerosol cans or spray cans should be placed in the red general waste bin. 

Aluminium and steel

Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil can be recycled in your yellow bin if it is scrunched into a ball the size of a fist.

Aluminium and steel

Aluminium tin cans

Aluminium, tin and steel food and drink cans can be recycled in your yellow bin. Empty any remaining food or liquid and then place in your yellow bin. 

Aluminium and steel

Aluminium trays

Aluminium trays can be recycled in your yellow bin.



Recycle anti-freeze for free through Sustainability Victoria's Detox Your Home program.

Cardboard, Paper

Arts and crafts materials

Arts and crafts materials could be donated for reuse, depending on the items.

Plastics, Aluminium and steel

Asthma inhalers

Empty asthma inhalers can be recycled in your yellow bin. 

Electronics, External Recycling Programs

B2C Community IT Recyclers

B2C Community IT Recyclers.

Clothing, Furniture

Baby equipment

Baby equipment can be donated to op shops, St Kilda Mums or directly to those in need via Donate Direct.



Batteries are not allowed in any household bin because they are a fire hazard. Domestic batteries can be recycled through E-waste recycling stations located at Glen Eira libraries. Other types of batteries can be disposed of at selected waste transfer stations.