Our phone lines will be unavailable from 2pm Wednesday 29 May due to a phone system upgrade.

You can contact us via live-chat on our websites, email or visit our customer service centre or council facilities. We anticipate the phone lines will be back online by start of business on Thursday 30 May. 

Strategies and plans

We want to make Glen Eira better for everyone. It’s important for us to achieve a shared vision for the future, a community vision. To help us achieve this we use strategies and plans.

Our strategies and plans work together

Let’s start with the Community Vision. The Community Vision was created by our community, for our community. It acts as the big picture for the next 20 years; representing the future of Glen Eira, and how we will get there.  

Our Community Vision allows us to develop our Council Plan, which acts as a four-year roadmap. It helps us figure out the best ways to make improvements, provide great services, and work closely with the community. The Council Plan contains five main priorities (called strategic directions) that guide our efforts. For example strategic direction 4 is: A green and sustainable community. 

Our strategies and plans are connected to these strategic directions. Strategies and plans act as our to-do lists – they give us more details about what we want to achieve for the community, and how we’ll do it. 

To make sure everything we do aligns with our Community Vision and Council Plan, we have an Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. This Framework keeps us on track to our shared vision for the future. 

Our strategies and plans

You can learn more and read about our strategies and plans by clicking on the strategic directions below. 

Overarching documents

Community Vision

Our Community Vision describes what our community values and aspires to for the future of the City of Glen Eira and its people over the next 20 years.

Council Plan

The Glen Eira Council Plan 2021–2025 is our overarching strategic plan outlining the outcomes we seek to achieve over the next four years. It shapes how we plan for the future, deliver highly valued services and infrastructure and work collaboratively with and for the community.

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework is our approach to planning and reporting. It streamlines and guides our planning, so that all strategies, plans and activities are connected and aligned to the achievement of our Community Vision and Council Plan.

Our Performance

Council Projects

We undertake projects (including building works) each year to improve the amenity and liveability of Glen Eira. We funds these project from council rates and sometimes with support from State and Federal Government grants.

Community Engagement

We are passionate about our community. We welcome new ideas, thrive on strengthening relationships, and strive to better understand our community’s needs in future planning and decision-making.


Our policies guide the work we do and ensure our decisions and processes are consistent and fair.