Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

Planning for the future has always played a critical role in ensuring the work we do in the short term contributes to the long-term goals and aspirations of our community.

Under the new Local Government Act (2020), there is a focus on ensuring our strategic planning is more integrated, transparent and focused on delivering outcomes for the community.

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework will allow Council and the community to have better visibility across the various elements of the strategic planning and reporting system. It ensures a greater understanding of how the things we do today, contribute to achieving our future Community Vision.

The principles that underpin the Framework seek to ensure that as an organisation, we are working together to align our planning and reporting activities with the outcomes outlined in the Glen Eira 2040 Community Vision and the Council Plan and other key strategies.

  1. integrated planning is based on outcomes
  2. planning is integrated vertically and horizontally
  3. planning is evidenced-based
  4. planning is transparent
  5. demonstrates how outcomes are being achieved
  6. performance reporting informs adaptive management
  7. evaluation occurs at all levels

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