Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework (IPRF) is our approach to planning and reporting. It streamlines and guides our planning, so that all strategies, plans and activities are connected and aligned to the achievement of our Glen Eira 2040 Community Vision and Glen Eira Council Plan 2021–2025.

Why we need an IPRF

The Framework responds to the Local Government Act 2020. The Act requires all Councils to adopt an integrated approach to planning, monitoring and performance reporting to achieve the best outcomes for the community. Councils must ensure that strategic planning addresses the Community Vision and considers both the resources required for effective implementation and the risks involved. The Act also provides for ongoing performance monitoring and transparent reporting.


The IPRF supports Council to:

  • Align our plans and strategies to the Community Vision and Council Plan.
  • Direct our efforts and limited resources to achieving the outcomes that our community most needs and wants.
  • Avoid conflicting goals.
  • Measure the short and long-term impact of our services and activities on the community.
  • Adapt to meet the evolving needs and expectations of our community

Our capability in integrated planning and reporting will mature progressively as we implement the IPRF.

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