2023–2024 Budget

Our 2023–2024 Budget was adopted at a Council Meeting on Tuesday 27 June 2023. The 2023–24 Budget strikes the right balance between ambition for new initiatives, maintaining quality service delivery and remaining financially sustainable.

This year's Budget will grow our City and help it to meet the challenges of the coming years.

The Budget details the resources required to fund the large range of services we provide to the community. It includes details of capital expenditure allocations to improve and renew our City’s physical infrastructure, buildings and operational assets. In addition, it includes details of how we intend to invest in technology and other improvements that will enable us to continue to deliver high quality, responsive and accessible services at a reasonable cost.

We’re focussed on supporting and leading our community’s recovery from the pandemic; delivering quality projects and services that make our City a great place to live, work and do business; and to demonstrate our commitment to deep community engagement through our actions.

Budget highlights include:

  • sustainability measures, including investment in emissions reduction, urban greening and transition to a circular economy
  • maintaining investment for provision of services including aged care, seniors, youth, family, children, disability, accessibility and pets
  • $63.5 million for our capital works program including:
    • the renewal and upgrade of Council’s major infrastructure assets such as road reconstruction, drainage improvements and footpaths
    • continuing the construction of the Carnegie Memorial Swimming Pool
    • increasing our open space through land acquisitions and improving and enhancing existing spaces
    • investment in Environmentally Sustainable Design and climate emergency initiatives; and
    • investment in technology and data to ensure we keep pace with changing customer expectations about online services and to ensure we have high levels of data security and protection from cybercrime.

Glen Eira has the lowest rates per assessment in Metropolitan Melbourne. Rates will increase 3.5 per cent in the 2023–24 financial year.

The Budget is in-line with the Fair Go Rates System which has capped rate increases by Victorian councils to the forecast movement in the Consumer Price Index and Wage Price Index.


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