Joyce Park

Joyce Park is one of Glen Eira's most spectacular and diverse parks. It has the full range of facilities for relaxing, socialising and playing, and it's beautiful rotunda makes it a local favourite for weddings.


  • BBQ Facilities

  • Dogs – off leash

  • Dogs – on leash

  • Rotunda or picnic shelter

  • Toilets

  • Walking Path

  • Playground

  • Tables

  • Seating

  • Multi-purpose court

  • Multi-purpose hit up wall

Box Cottage

Joyce Park is home to Box Cottage, a reproduction of William and Elizabeth Box's original home. They lived in the cottage from around 1865 to 1914 and parts of the original building remain in the reconstructed version. The Box Family were well-known in Moorabbin for their market gardens which they worked on for several generations over 107 years.

Box Cottage is also home to the Moorabbin Historical Society and features a large display of photos and memorabilia. Highlights include original tramway plates from the local area, different types of ploughs, and market garden equipment.


The current playground is suited to younger children, with equipment which includes:

  • slides
  • swings
  • stand up spinner
  • climbing frame
  • fireman's pole
  • shade sails for protection from the sun.

A multi-purpose play space is available for the more active players which includes:

  • two multi-purpose half courts with basketball and soccer goals
  • double-sided tennis hit up wall
  • netball goal
  • table tennis table
  • shelter with seating.

Thank you to Sport Australia for their contribution to the construction of this active recreation play space as part of the Community Sport Infrastructure Grant.

Picnic shelter and BBQs

There are two picnic shelters at Joyce Park. One is located close to the playground and has 2 picnic tables available for social gatherings. There are BBQ facilities nearby to this picnic shelter to add another element to your picnic.

The other shelter is a rotunda, located towards Jasper Road, and is popular for wedding ceremonies. 

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Dog leash information

  • The playground area and western end of the Tyrone Street entrance is on-leash.
  • The eastern side of the Tyrone Street entrance is off leash.
  • Dogs must be on-leash within 20 metres of barbecues and picnic areas, children’s playgrounds, sports and recreation facilities, both public and sporting events (includes set up and take down), and any Park maintenance activities.

Learn more about dog walking in Glen Eira.