Permit process

There are numerous steps in the planning permit process, and a range of factors can affect how long it takes.

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Before you apply

Before you make a submission

  • Download a Planning Property Report to identify the planning requirements including the zone and any overlays.
  • Look at the Glen Eira Planning Scheme to confirm if you need a planning permit.
  • Determine if your proposal is eligible for a fast track process through VicSmart. Visit the VicSmart website to find out if you're eligible.
  • View our checklist and information sheets to confirm the information you might need to provide with an application Prepare initial plans for your proposal.
  • Discuss plans with your neighbours.
  • Consider getting advice from a professional planning consultant.
  • Request a pre-application meeting with one of our planners.
  • All applicants are encouraged to include sustainable design elements in their development. Visit our Sustainable design page to find out more.
  • Contact us if you have any questions.

Preparing and submitting your application

  • Order a copy of your title on the Landata website
  • Get your plans drawn up
  • Create electronic versions of your paperwork
  • Register to apply online

Our decision process

Apply for your application

  • Lodge your application online, pay the application fee and we will shortly confirm the contact details for the planner  working with you on your application

Checking your application

Advertising your application

If required, we'll advertise your application for least 14 days. This can include:

Assessing your application

We assess your application by:

  • considering all submissions that we receive
  • considering any referral comments
  • assessing planning scheme provisions
  • preparing a report

Making our decision

Depending on the type of application, a planning decision may be made:

  • by a planning officer
  • at a Delegated Planning Forum
  • at an Ordinary Council Meeting

Our decision may be one of the following:

  • approval of a planning permit or an amended permit
  • notice of decision to grant or amend a planning permit
  • notice of decision to refuse to grant a permit or an amendment to a permit

We will give a copy of the decision to the person who has applied for the planning permit and anyone who has provided a submission either supporting or objecting to the proposal.

How long will it take?

We aim to process applications as quickly as possible. We aim to make a decision within 60 days of receiving your application. If we require further information, the 60 days starts from the date we receive that information. The more steps your application needs to go through, the longer the assessment will take.

To ensure we can process your application quickly and efficiently, please ensure you include all relevant information.

You can fast-track applications through VicSmart, which usually takes around 10 days. Visit the VicSmart website to find out if you're eligible.

After our decision

VCAT may review your application

VCAT will only review your application if:

  • the permit applicant appeals against conditions or refusal
  • an objector appeals against a notice of decision to grant or amend a planning permit

More information is available on the Appeal a Decision page

Complying with conditions

After we've approved your planning permit, sometimes you need to submit further documentation to comply with your permit conditions. After you submit your documents, we:

  • assess your documents
  • may seek views from specialists
  • advise you of our decision

For more information, see Submitting Condition 1 and other plans

Contacting other departments

After we approve your planning permit, you may need to apply for more permits, including:

This is not an exhaustive list, so make sure that you check with Council and other regulatory services that you have all your approvals in place before you start.