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Works zone permit

A works zone is a parking restriction which provides for a dedicated area on the road carriageway in which only construction vehicles can park. 

Under Rule 181 of Road Rules — Victoria.

A driver must not stop in a works zone unless the driver is driving a vehicle that is engaged in construction work in or near the zone.

We will consider installing a works zone for construction works under the following conditions:

  • Works zones will only be installed along the property boundaries of the site for a maximum of four parking bays (26 metres in total — 4 x 6.5m long bays) with the fees relating to the duration of time indicated below. Additional bays are negotiable at a cost of $192 per bay per month. 
  • The works zone will apply between 7am and 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am and 6pm Saturday (excluding any clearway or no stopping parking restrictions or any other location deemed unsuitable by Council).
  • Where a works zone is installed in paid parking areas, an additional fee will be charged equivalent to the cost of the maximum fee charged per day for the requested duration of the works zone.
  • Works zones may not be permitted in areas occupied by bus or tram stops (or similar) without the written consent of the operator.


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