Victorian Bushfire Emergency

The 2019/2020 Victorian Bushfire Emergency is currently affecting communities across the state. We will continue to keep you updated on our efforts to support communities affected by bushfires. To find out more and how you can support the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, visit our Victorian Bushfire Emergency page.

Submitting Condition 1 and other plans

Now that you have your planning permit, you may need to submit plans or reports for approval before the development can start or you can start the use.

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What are Condition 1 plans?

Condition 1 is the first condition on your planning permit. It outlines any changes you must make to your original plans to address Council'srequirements. Examples of requested changes may include:

  • planting trees
  • screening windows
  • improving car ramp to a basements 

Other conditions on your planning permit

Your permit may require you to submit other types of documents, such as a

  • covering letter
  • waste management plan
  • traffic management plan
  • construction management plan
  • environmental audit

In addition to the above, you may also need approvals from other Glen Eira departments or statutory authorities.

Submit Condition 1 or other documents online

For more information, please call us on 9524 3333.



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