Digital Pathways

Digital Pathways is a short course designed to help small business owners develop confidence in digital spaces. Using a hands on learning approach, it is designed to help participants develop digital marketing plans tailored to the needs of their business whilst gaining a foundational knowledge of digital marketing principles. 

About the project

Digital Pathways is a digital literacy program designed to help small and medium business owners develop confidence within digital spaces. In addition to gaining a strong foundational knowledge of digital marketing principles, the course helps you develop an actionable digital marketing plan which is tailored to the needs and goals of your business. Digital Pathways was made possible by the Metropolitan Partnership Development Fund (MPDF) is a joint initiative between the Bayside, Boroondara, Glen Eira and Stonnington Councils. 

Digital Pathways aims to empower business owners to grow within digital spaces and understand how digital marketing strategies and platforms can be used to meet their needs. The long-term goal is to build resilience amongst business owners in a pandemic reactive trading environment which makes brick and mortar business models vulnerable.


Watch Digital Pathways Seminars online:

Seminar 1: Introduction to digital strategy and brand definition

Seminar 2: Defining your digital marketing goals

Seminar 3: Digital audience analysis and buyer personas

Seminar 4: Understanding the digital sales cycle

Seminar 5: Cultivating audience awareness

Seminar 6: Piquing audience interest and building trust

Seminar 7: Encouraging customer desire and consideration

Seminar 8: Delight part 1: The action phase

Seminar 9: Delight part 2: Cultivating loyalty

Seminar 10: How to measure your success

Seminar 11: Evolving your digital marketing plan

Seminar 12: Course in review



At the end of the twelve week course, you will have gained an holistic understanding of digital marketing principles and practices. You will also have created a structured digital marketing plan that is specific to your business and ready to implement. Topics covered in the course include: 

Defining digital marketing goals, digital audience analysis and buyer personas, the stages of the digital sales funnel and identifying sticking points, brand recognition, customer pain points, creating shareable content, strategic content writing, information capture, lead magnets, remarketing, user experience, making a 'best offer', post sale customer engagement, loyalty cultivation through data insights, digital measuring tools, exit strategies and reviewing processes. 




Digital Pathways registration is closed.  


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