Public tennis courts and hit-up walls

Tennis is one of the world's great pastimes. Better still, it's fantastic for your agility, hand-eye coordination and aerobic fitness. Several of our parks have free hit-up walls for honing your skills, and there are over a dozen tennis clubs in Glen Eira to add some competition to your game.

Tennis hit-up walls

Whether you want to sharpen your shots for your next match or just have some fun, our tennis hit-up walls are great for all ages and skill levels.

Find a free hit-up wall at:

Brooklyn Avenue public tennis courts

The Brooklyn Avenue tennis courts sit within Princes Park in Caulfield South. There are two courts available and are a great option if you're looking for a public tennis court in Glen Eira. They also have floodlights for playing at night.

You can hire the Brooklyn Avenue tennis courts on an hourly basis. These courts are managed by Caulfield Recreation Centre. For more information, visit the tennis courts page on the Glen Eira Leisure website.

Tennis clubs in Glen Eira



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