Volunteering support and resources

Glen Eira offers free information and resources to support volunteering in our community.

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Support for community organisations

We encourage community organisations to make the most of these free resources. They can help you create and run a safe, supportive volunteer program. 

National standards

We updated our volunteer management policy in June 2020 in line with the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement. These standards help maximise the benefits of volunteering. They protect volunteers’ rights and support them to carry out their roles. We encourage all community organisations to review and update their own policies.

Finding volunteers

Community Information Support (CIS) Glen Eira has a volunteer resource program. This program can support your organisation to find the volunteers you need. You can also list your volunteering opportunities on WeVolunteer and GoVolunteer.

Community grants 

Our community grants program support your organisation’s service to the community. We offer two funding streams to help with your project, activity or event.

COVID-19 resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected community organisations and groups. Many had to ‘pivot’ and find new ways to deliver services. Below are some resources to help community organisations and groups during the pandemic.

Volunteering information and support

There is a lot of information online about volunteering. We listed a few links below that may be helpful for volunteers and volunteer managers.

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