Community Grants Program

Our Community Grants Program is our way of supporting your community group or organisation to service the community. The program is currently closed.

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Key dates — Community Grants Program 2023–2024

  • Applications open: Monday 6 February 2023
  • Applications close: Monday 3 April 2023 at 5pm
  • Applications assessed: April/May 2023
  • Grant recommendations: June/July 2023
  • Notification: Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified in September 2023

Grant streams

There are two funding streams for the Program in 2023–2024. Organisations may receive funding for projects in each stream to the maximum amount. A separate application form must be submitted for each project.

Community Strengthening Grants — up to $3,000

These grants are suited to local not-for-profit organisations and groups to:

  • build capacity of organisations and provide training and development initiatives
  • enhance current localised services
  • provide community-based projects
  • increase social connection and participation in local activities
  • support and delivery of small events (under 250 attendees) that are accessible to the broader Glen Eira community
  • increase skills, knowledge and leadership in the community.

Partnership and Events Grants — up to $10,000

These grants are suited to not-for-profit organisations and groups that have a broad community focus to

  • establish new and existing partnerships to deliver collaboration projects
  • plan and deliver large festivals or events (more than 250 attendees) that are accessible to the broader Glen Eira community
  • create new and innovative projects
  • deliver services that meet existing and emerging community needs
  • support civic participation and celebrate diversity in the community.

Assessment of your grant

Each grant application is assessed against the following seven criteria.

  1. The extent to which the application aligns with Council’s strategic focus (20%).
  2. Evidence that the project meets a community need and/or benefits the Glen Eira community (20%).
  3. The extent to which the project is committed to accessibility and inclusion (20%).
  4. Clearly defined project aims, measures and outcomes (10%).
  5. The capacity of the organisation to undertake the project and meet the conditions of funding (10%).
  6. Inability of the organisation to access other funding to deliver the project (10%).
  7. The extent to which the budget is balanced, realistic and reflects the delivery of the project (10%).

Acceptance of your grant

If your application is successful, you will be required to accept the grant and conditions of funding prior to the release of funds.

Terms and Conditions

  • Grant recipients must acknowledge Council in any relevant publications, promotional material, web pages or media releases by using the following statement: ‘Proudly supported by Glen Eira City Council’.
  • Applicants must submit a completed application form and all required documents in order for their application to be assessed.
  • Council may require you to validate any of the information provided in your application.
  • Community groups and organisations that auspice other groups may apply for their own projects in addition to auspiced projects.
  • Funding will not be given for projects started or completed before 1 July 2023.
  • Applicants are responsible for costing their projects accurately. Council is not responsible for costs that have been underestimated.
  • Under the Community Strengthening stream a community group or organisation can receive a maximum of $3,000.
  • Under the Partnership and Events stream a community group or organisation can receive a maximum of $10,000.
  • Applicants cannot apply for the same project across both funding streams.
  • The amount of any grant awarded is at the discretion of Council.
  • Applicants that meet grant criteria are not guaranteed funding.
  • Grants may not be funded to the maximum amount requested.
  • Funding for a project in any one year does not guarantee that the same project will receive funding in subsequent years.
  • Funding will not be provided if there is an outstanding acquittal.
  •  A grant may only be used for the specific purpose awarded in the Acceptance of Conditions Form unless prior approval for a different purpose has been obtained from Council.
  • If a project or event cannot go ahead as planned, the applicant must request a variation or extension by contacting Council’s Community Strengthening Team via
  • Applicants are notified if their variation or extension is approved.
  • Council may request the return of grant funds if there is evidence that grants have not been spent for the purpose they were awarded.
  • The grant must be accepted, and project completed within the financial year that it is awarded.
  • Applicants must ensure their activities, projects and events meet Victoria State Government and Local Laws, such as COVID and safety requirements, permits and approvals.

Acquittal of grant funds

A Community Grant Acquittal Form must be submitted to Council through the SmartyGrants portal. Where possible acquittals should be submitted prior to applying for another grant.

Audit of grants

As part of its accountability processes, Council may audit any grant recipient for compliance with grant conditions. Organisations selected for an audit will be notified.

Notification of results 

All applicants will be advised of the decision regarding their application by email.

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