Kerbs, channels and roads

We place high priority on ensuring you have safe and efficient kerbs, channels and roads. Our network covers around 465 kilometres of roads, which include:

  • 833 kilometres of kerbs and channels
  • 868 kilometres of pathways
  • 51 kilometres of arterial roads managed by VicRoads, but with council-maintained pathways.
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Kerbs and channels

Commonly known as gutters, kerbs and channels form a barrier between the road pavement and nature strip. They may be barrier, mountable and semi-mountable form.

Kerbs and channels are designed to:

  • help drainage
  • improve delineation of traffic flows
  • protect pedestrians
  • reduce nature strip maintenance
  • improve the aesthetics of road alignment

I want to connect stormwater to kerbs and channels

Stormwater runs directly off kerbs and channels into our underground pits and pipes. You need an asset consent permit before connecting stormwater to kerbs and channels.

I want to report damaged kerbs and channels

Call us on 9524 3333 to report damaged kerb and channels.


We ensure the quality of roads and related infrastructure through our capital works program, routine maintenance programs, and a pavement management system.

What is the Road Management Plan?

We developed Road Management Plan 2021 (PDF, 2MB) in accordance with the Road Management Act 2004. This plan sets the standards for inspecting, repairing and maintaining the roads and related infrastructure we’re responsible for.

We maintain all local roads on our Road register (PDF, 2MB) and sections of roads between the back of the kerb and the building line on arterial roads. We also maintain the lanes along arterial roads.

We conduct inspections, repairs and maintenance under the categories of defect and maintenance. Our timeframe for inspecting and repairing defects, such as road emergencies, is relatively short-term. Our timeframe for maintenance is relatively long-term, according to our rolling annual priority cycle.

Can I work within the road reserve?

You need an asset consent permit before conducting any works within our road reserve.

I want to report a hazard

To report any road hazards or safety concerns within the road reserve for which we are responsible, call 9524 3333.

If the hazard is within a carriageway of an arterial road, contact VicRoads on 13 11 71.

If you’re not sure who is responsible for the road, check our maintenance map (PDF, 24KB).


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