Whether you've dropped something in a stormwater pit or want to report a blockage or damage, we're here to help.

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What if I’ve dropped something into a stormwater pit?

If you drop your keys, wallet or other valuables into a stormwater pit, call us on 9524 3333 and a member of our drainage unit may be able to retrieve it.

How do I report a problem?

Call us on 9524 3333 to report flooding or blocked stormwater drains. You should describe the problem and give an exact location, including street name and suburb.

How do you maintain your drains?

Our drainage network consists of around 540 kilometres of drains and 22,000 drainage pits. We maintain it by:

  • undertaking a range of services to ensure stormwater is discharged effectively
  • regularly cleaning and repairing pits and drains
  • upgrading or replacing pits and drains when necessary.

What if I find a damaged or missing pit lid?

If you see a damaged lid, please check for any identifying markings. If the lid is marked Telstra, contact them directly on 13 22 03 and ask for a reference number. If the lid is marked South East Water, contact them directly on 13 28 12. If a pit lid is missing, call us on 9524 3333.

What if I want to connect stormwater runoff to council assets?

You need an asset consent permit before you connect stormwater runoff to our drainage pits, pipes or kerb and channels.

Can I build over an easement or near a council drain?

You’re required by law to get our consent before building over a drainage easement or within one metre of our drains. Check the property title and contact us on 9524 3333 to confirm if there is an easement and/or drainage asset on your property.

There’s a drain blockage between the downpipe and the kerb

It’s your responsibility to keep drainage pipes clear between downpipes to the kerb. You must contact a private plumber to unblock drainage pipes. Find out more in our stormwater drainage responsibilities guide (PDF, 129KB).


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