Parking Permits

Parking restrictions are applied in local streets around Glen Eira where there is competition for parking. Provision of parking permits is an important response to this challenge, enabling residents in a parking-restricted street the capacity to park beyond time restricted hours.

What does the Policy say about Parking Permits?

The Parking Policy recognises that permits are important. Eligible households will be able to access two residential use permits, with those households that do not have off-street parking and those in the south eastern area of Glen Eira able to access an additional permit. 100 single-use visitor permits are available to eligible households per annum.

Under the Policy, permits will be flexible (able to be transferred between vehicles) and will be able to be used within the household’s street as well as the nearest intersecting streets.

The Policy includes a fee for a household’s second (and subsequent) residential permit.

Residential permits


1st permit 2nd permit 3rd permit 4th permit
Free $100* $150* N/A

Residential - pensioner/concession

1st permit  2nd permit  3rd permit  4th permit
Free $50* $75* N.A

* Indexed every five years at the state nominated annual CPI (from 1 Jan 2022).
** Bus only precinct where no off-street parking space is available. 

Visitor permits are free of charge.

More information about residential and visitor permits, can be found in Appendix 1 to the Parking Policy: The Residential Parking Permit System Policy.

What else?

The Parking Policy includes different types of permits available on application to cover particular needs. These permit types include: 10 daily use visiting tradesperson permits per annum, two carers permits (for households with visiting carers), a group permit (for occasions) and a special case compassionate permit (for households with a special need, provided at Council’s discretion).

The Policy offers a public transport incentive for households in streets where there is restricted parking, and permits apply. The incentive enables households who forgo all their access to permits, to receive a 28-day zone 1+2 Myki pass.

When will these arrangements be implemented?

The Parking Policy’s proposals around parking permits represent a change to current arrangements. The Policy was endorsed by Council on 17 March 2020, and it will be implemented in stages.

The key dates are outlined below.

Changes to the number of residential and visitor permits for existing permit holders 1 July 2022
Implementation of changed number of residential and visitor permits for new applicants 1 July 2020
Permit fees 1 July 2022
Public transport incentive scheme 1 July 2022
Carers permit and special case compassionate permit for new applicants 1 July 2020
Carers permit and special case compassionate permit for existing permit holders 1 July 2022