Parking in neighbourhoods

Council’s Parking Policy considers parking needs across neighbourhoods in Glen Eira. A neighbourhood is generally a residential area of our City, that sits between major roads and consists of households and local streets.

What does the Policy say about parking in neighbourhoods?

The Policy sets out an approach for the preparation of Neighbourhood Parking Plans. These Plans will consider:

  • where the neighbourhood sits within the public transport access areas across Glen Eira;
  • the current planning zone which helps us to understand likely current and future population growth; and
  • whether there are key landmarks in the neighbourhood which generate parking demand.

These factors will inform a draft approach to the presence and/or location of parking restrictions (if any). A similar approach will consider days and hours of (if any) parking restrictions (see pages 17 and 18 of the Policy for further information). Access to residential parking permits can apply to areas of restriction. See Parking Permits for more information.

What else?

The Policy sets out some hierarchies that guide an approach to which uses/users of on and off-street public parking spaces should be prioritised more highly then others within Glen Eira neighbourhoods. Areas around local schools are a special case, and the Policy sets out a particular hierarchy of uses/users for parking around these locations. You can read more on pages 15, 20, 23 and 24 of the Policy.

All draft Neighbourhood Parking Plans that are developed from these considerations will be subject to consultation with residents of the neighbourhood. Feedback will be invited and drawn on the get the approach right and determine a finalised Neighbourhood Parking Plan for the local area.

Changes to parking in a local area can be implemented outside of a Neighbourhood Parking Plan with demonstration of community support and following review. More information can be found on page 28 of the Policy.

When will these arrangements be implemented?

The Parking Policy’s proposals around parking reviews in local neighbourhoods represents a change to current arrangements. The Parking Policy was endorsed by Council on 17 March 2020, and it will be implemented in stages.

A Neighbourhood Parking Implementation Plan to inform the rollout of Neighbourhood Parking Plans will be developed within 12 months from March 2020. The Plan will identify neighbourhood boundaries and provide a date for each neighbourhood parking review.