Parking on busy roads

Council’s Parking Policy considers parking on busy roads in Glen Eira (our ‘transport corridors’).  Transport corridors are important transit routes, that can help to efficiently move people travelling by different means.

What does the Policy say about parking on Busy Roads?

The Parking Policy recognises that routes identified as corridors can play a strategic role in achieving more efficient movement around Glen Eira, by channeling car traffic or by supporting alternative transport modes. It recognises the need to consider the extent to which parking on busy roads supports this role.

The Policy outlines a systematic approach to how parking will be considered on busy roads as part of a corridor upgrade and on a case-by-case basis. The process will be guided by aims that include minimising any loss of on-street parking fronting residential properties, and if on-street parking is reduced, prioritising remaining spaces for residents through a corridor parking condition (and provision of parking permits).

The Policy also includes aims to retain parking for commercial areas where possible. Additional angled parking and other measures will be explored, as will the application of restrictions to close-by unrestricted parking, if restricted parking is lost.

What else?

The Policy recognises that busy roads have lots of stakeholders. This is why all reviews of parking on our transport corridors will occur on a case-by-case basis and only with significant community input, including the formation of a Community Reference Group. See page 60 of the Policy for more information.