Parking for people with particular needs

The Parking Policy sets out actions to improve the availability of parking for people in the community who need it most.

What does the Policy say about parking for people with particular needs?

Particular members of the community have more significant needs for parking. The Parking Policy recognises that we have the capacity to do more to ensure access. Line marking and signage identifying a bay as parking for seniors and people with prams will be added to busy centres in Glen Eira to provide more opportunity for these members of our community to find a space. Spaces marked for these needs will be provided at a rate of one per 50 spaces.

The Parking Policy also recognises that those with disability need more opportunity to find parking spaces in busy areas. The rate of provision of disability marked spaces will be increased from 1 to 1.5 for every 50 spaces.
For more information on ‘empathetic’ parking, see pages 64-65 of the Parking Policy.

What else?

Under the Parking Policy, residents in areas of Glen Eira where parking permits apply will be able to access additional permits that help to meet specific needs. These additional permit types include carers permits (two per eligible household) for use by households’ visiting carers at no cost. A special case compassionate permit will be available at Council’s discretion for unique and special circumstances involving hardship.

Households in areas where permits apply will also be able to access a group parking permit to cover particular occasions.

For Non-profit community service organisations, a Community Non-Profit parking permit will be available organisations with visiting volunteers, for volunteers to use when in the community visiting residents in areas where there is restricted parking where permits apply.

For more information, see pages 15-17 of the Residential Parking Permit System Policy.