Older adults guide to Glen Eira

Our older adults guide to Glen Eira offers great information on a range of areas, from health services to aged care, social groups transport, and education to employment.

On this page

Here's an overview of what you can find in the guide. Please download the full Older Adults Guide to Glen Eira (PDF, 4MB) for more information.

Recreation and staying active

Includes information on:

  • parks and reserves
  • recreation facilities
  • community events
  • exercise opportunities

Lifelong learning

Includes information on:

  • libraries in Glen Eira
  • our home library service
  • adult learning centres
  • volunteering and employment opportunities

Social connections

Includes information on:

  • community groups
  • community houses
  • senior citizens centres
  • active ageing programs


Includes information on:

  • road safety for seniors
  • public transport
  • disabled parking permits

Home and residential care

Includes information on:

  • how to use the My Aged Care service
  • assistance to keep living at home
  • residential aged care

Health services

Includes information on:

  • community health centres
  • counselling and social support services
  • LGBTI services
  • hospital and medical services
  • mental health services


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