Waste services and 2020–21 pricing

Check out all the fees for the current financial year, and get answers to common questions about your bins.

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Why did my charges rise?

You may be aware that we increased your 2020–21 waste management charges. This is necessary to ensure we continue to provide quality waste and recycling services.

In February 2020 the State Government also announced Victoria’s landfill levy will rise from $65.90 to $125.90 per tonne over three years to help support recycling reforms and provide stronger incentive to invest in new waste technologies. The first of these rises will be introduced on 1 January 2021.

Changes in global recycling markets, triggered by China’s new standards for recyclable material, have increased the cost of processing kerbside recyclables. See How recycling industry changes affect you for more information.

Our recycling services remain unchanged. Please visit what goes in my bins to ensure you’re recycling correctly.

Don’t forget – you pay less if you use a smaller red bin.

How much more am I paying in 2020–21?

We levy our waste and recycling charges based on cost recovery. This table shows how much more you’re paying this financial year, including the estimated state levy. New charges will apply from 1 July 2020.

Bin type 2019/20 charge 2020/21 charge Estimated state levy
Litter management $60 $64 NA
Large 240-litre bin $441 $512 $54
Small 120-litre bin $220 $254 $27
240-litre shared residential flat bin $220 $254 $27
240-litre family bin $292 $340 $35
240-litre medical bin $220 $254 $27
Extra recycling service $38 $44 NA
Extra green waste service $38 $39 NA

Standard waste charges

Please check your annual rates notice for itemised waste charges. These are exempt from GST.

All rateable residential properties must have a waste charge. We’re charging $254 for a small 120-litre bin and $512 for a large 240-litre bin in 2020/21. If you use either of these, you’re also eligible for one free recycling bin and one free green waste bin. Contact us to arrange delivery.

We charge $39 for extra green waste and $44 for an extra recycling bin.

If the land is vacant the standard waste charge is not applicable for the period of time from demolition to completion of construction. Some residential properties may be charged a litter management fee if the planning permit for the property specifies the property must receive a private waste collection where both garbage and recycling is undertaken at the property.

Bin dimensions

  • Small 120-litre bin: height 85cm, width 41cm, depth 41cm
  • Large 240-litre bin: height 95cm, width 50cm, depth 57cm

Litter management charges

If a private contractor empties bins on your property, we’ll charge you $64 for 2020–21 (Litter Management Charge). Please check your rates notice for itemised litter management charges, which cover a share of services including street sweeping, dumped rubbish removal and public bins.

You can still book us to collect hard rubbish, bulk cardboard or bundled branches.

Commercial garbage and recycling collection

Small or medium businesses can access commercial waste and recycling collection, as well as a free 240-litre recycling bin with every commercial garbage bin.

You need to notify us if you have hired a private waste removal contractor. If you don’t notify us, we will assume that you still need our service and you won’t be eligible for a refund of charges for previous years.

Can I change the size of my bins?

Yes. If you’re the ratepayer, contact us on 9524 3333 to change the size of your bin. Just be aware that larger bins cost more.

What if my bin is damaged?

We will repair or replace your damaged bin. Report the damaged bin on our online request system or by calling us on 9524 3333.

Do I have to keep sharing bins?

If you are the ratepayer and would like us to review the mix of bins on your block, please contact us on 9524 3333.

If you are renting, you need your landlord’s approval to change the mix of bins. Please complete the Landlord authorisation for extra waste services 2020-21 (PDF, 107KB).

Can I get an extra green waste or recycling bin?

Yes. We charge $39 for an extra green waste bin, and $44 for an extra recycling bin. If you’re the ratepayer, contact us on 9524 3333.

If you’re renting, you need your landlord’s approval to get an extra bin. Please complete the Landlord authorisation for extra waste services 2020-21 (PDF, 107KB).

Am I eligible for cheaper bins?

You’re eligible for a larger garbage bin at the reduced price of $340 if you have a:

  • family of six or more
  • family of four or more with a concession card.

If you need a bin for medical waste due to a disability or medical treatment, you can get a 240-litre medical bin for the same amount as a small 120-litre household bin ($254).

To apply for either of the above, please complete our Special waste charge application form (PDF, 104KB).


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