Hard rubbish collection

Hard rubbish collection.

Hard rubbish

Book your collection

Go to booking a collection online and fill out the form or contact us on 9524 3333.

Please note: Hard rubbish is collected on the regular bin collection day in your area. Bookings are to be made by 11.58pm the previous day. Households are entitled to three free hard rubbish collections every financial year.

Are your items still in good working order?

If so, consider donating them to a local op shop (see community directory for further details) or use Donate Direct to match your items directly to those in need.

What can I put out in hard rubbish?

Hard rubbish includes all domestic waste that will not fit in your household garbage bin, including:

  • furniture, e-waste, appliances, and general junk;
  • carpet, up to 1 cubic metre only;
  • timber, up to 10 small pieces; and
  • refrigerators, but doors must be removed.

All e-waste will be recycled.

Hard rubbish collection will NOT collect:
  • car parts, batteries or tyres;
  • gas bottles;
  • chemicals and liquids (including paint and oil);
  • commercial or business waste;
  • waste material from building, renovation or demolition (including timber, bricks, concrete, rubble, fencing and pallets);
  • items which are too heavy to be lifted by two people; and
  • broken glass, asbestos, cardboard or newspapers.
Size limits
  • Maximum amount of hard waste is four cubic metres.
  • Maximum length or height of any individual item is two metres.


Please note: all your rubbish may not be collected at once. There may be separate trucks for different items, for example televisions and mattresses.