Report a suspected breach

Do you think someone has carried out building works or commenced a use without a permit? Or maybe you consider they are not complying with their approved permit. You have the right to report suspected breaches to us.

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When should I report a breach?

You can submit a complaint with us if you think someone has:

  • built something without getting a planning permit
  • obtained a permit but they're not complying with its conditions
  • breached the Glen Eira Planning Scheme or a Section 173 agreement
  • built something that isn't consistent with the endorsed plans.

Examples of breaches or non-compliance may include:

  • window screenings that aren't installed in accordance with the permit
  • changes to approved wall heights
  • illegal use of a property
  • changes to the approved materials and colour finishes
  • relocated plant and equipment
  • change of land use without planning approval (where approval is required)
  • works conducted without getting relevant council planning approval
  • using a business outside hours specified in the permit
  • works on a heritage-zoned property without planning approval.

How do I report a breach?

You must lodge your complaint in writing by completing our Planning enforcement form (PDF, 118KB)

Make sure you include:

  • your name, address, and contact number (so we can advise you of our actions and outcomes)
  • the address of the property in question
  • details of the non-compliance
  • any other relevant information to help us investigate.

You can then submit your completed form in person at Glen Eira Town Hall, or send to Alternatively, you can mail it to:

Glen Eira City Council Urban Planning Department
PO Box 42, Caulfield South, Vic 3162.

We treat all complaints in strict confidentiality, in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.


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