WhatsApp for business 101

WhatsApp is a free platform that connects small businesses with their customers. This masterclass provides a step by step guide on setting up your business on WhatsApp and using it to grow your digital customer base.

Watch: WhatsApp for business 101

Key takeaways

  • WhatsApp provides a user-friendly means for businesses to connect with customers. It combines an online business profile with messaging tools (and even landline or fixed number support).
  • There are 3 million WhatsApp Business users.
  • WhatsApp is a powerful tool for small to medium businesses. It’s free, encrypted (data is converted into code to prevent unauthorised access), comes with a simple and intuitive design and essentially provides a free phone and messaging service. 
  • WhatsApp Business is a diverse application. It can function as a replacement for third party delivery apps and a website. It can also be used to eliminate paid digital marketing and other ongoing digital costs.


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