Branding: More than a logo

Branding is your hidden asset. Far more than just logos and colour schemes, it distinguishes you from competitors and articulates your values whenever customers interact with your business.

Strong and consistent branding isn’t necessarily difficult. However, it does require some thought. This webinar introduces you to branding for small business and shows you how to start developing a branding strategy.

Watch: Branding: More than a logo

Key takeaways

  • What is a brand? It's much more than just a logo. It embodies the image and values that you want people to associate with your small business.
  • Why is a brand important? A brand distinguishes your business from your competitors while building trust with customers and prospects.
  • What are a brand’s common elements? They include the logo and tagline, as well as the style guide. This last element determines the tone of voice (including fonts and colours). Consistency is important for many reasons. For instance, for outsourced marketing, it clarifies how content and advertisements are to be presented.
  • Where is branding commonly used? Branding can appear almost anywhere: on signage, social media, printed materials, documents, digital electronic signature, PR releases, and much more.


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