Cycling in Glen Eira

Bike paths are available across the city, including the historic Rosstown Rail Trail and Elster Creek Trail.

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Council’s Cycling Action Plan

Council has a Cycling Action Plan to improve opportunities for cycling around Glen Eira. The plan identifies areas for improvement to help support cycling as a safe and viable transport option for the community.

These include improvements to recognise the role that the cycling network plays in linking people to public transport and walking routes.

The plan includes actions around infrastructure, policy and enforcement and education/behaviour.

Bike repair stands and water refill stations

You’ll find bicycle repair stands at prominent cycling areas in Glen Eira.

They include retractable tools, a stainless steel bike pump and a wheel chock to help you use the pump. Some stands have water bottle refill stations.

Stands also feature a unique code, allowing you to scan a smart phone and get a video offering help with bicycle maintenance.

You can find bicycle repair stands at:

  • Boyd Park — Outer Circle Railway Trail
  • East Caulfield Reserve
  • Elster Creek Trail
  • Elsternwick Plaza — Rosstown Rail Trail
  • Marara Road Reserve
  • Packer Park.

Packer Park Velodrome

Packer Park Velodrome is one of the few velodromes in the metropolitan area. Whether you ride for fun or like to compete, you're welcome to use the velodrome. 

TravelSmart maps

TravelSmart is a Victorian Government initiative which aims to encourage sustainable travel options.

Our pocket-sized contains TravelSmart Map (3MB) information on local train, tram and bus routes, as well as maps of bicycle routes and paths.


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