Cycling in Glen Eira

Whether on or off-road, Glen Eira is a great place to ride your bike. The flat terrain and a closely spaced grid of arterial roads offer a well-connected road network. There are also fantastic bike paths across the City, including the historic Rosstown Rail Trail and Elster Creek Trail.

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Our City of Glen Eira cycling guide (PDF, 2MB) will help you get the most out of riding in the local area. It includes thing to see and do, safe cycling tips and maps of all on and off-road routes.

Bike repair stands and water refill stations

You’ll find bicycle repair stands at prominent cycling areas in Glen Eira. They include retractable tools, a stainless steel bike pump and a wheel chock to help you use the pump. Some stands have water bottle refill stations.

Stands also feature a unique code, allowing you to scan a smart phone and get a video offering help with bicycle maintenance.

You can find bicycle repair stands at:

  • Boyd Park — Outer Circle Railway Trail
  • East Caulfield Reserve
  • Elster Creek Trail
  • Elsternwick Plaza — Rosstown Rail Trail
  • Marara Road Reserve
  • Packer Park.

Integrated transport strategy

Cycling is increasingly seen as a preferred form of transport in Melbourne. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, offers a fun recreational activity, and is great for the environment.

Aligning with our 15-year vision, our Integrated Transport Strategy (PDF, 15MB) aims to make it easy to move around Glen Eira using a range of travel options.

The strategy caters for cycling by:

  • increasing the use of non-car alternatives
  • encouraging the use of more sustainable modes of transport
  • developing safe cycling streets
  • examining successful pro-cycling policies in cities like Barcelona
  • reducing speed limits in child-friendly neighbourhoods to encourage cycling
  • advocating to premium cycling infrastructure on key arterial roads
  • designing a pilot cycle corridor improvement project with a protected cycleway.

TravelSmart maps

TravelSmart is a Victorian Government initiative which aims to encourage sustainable travel options. Our pocket-sized TravelSmart Map (3MB) contains information on local train, tram and bus routes, as well as maps of bicycle routes and paths.

You can get a TravelSmart map from our Service Centre, libraries and local bicycle shops.

For further information or advice on sustainable travel, call 9524 3333 or email

Packer Park Velodrome

Packer Park Velodrome is one of the few velodromes in the metropolitan area. Whether you ride for fun or like to compete, you're welcome to use the velodrome. 



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