Packer Park Velodrome

Packer Park Velodrome is one of the few velodromes located in metropolitan Melbourne. Whether you're competing in an official race, doing your own personal time trial or just getting fit, the velodrome is open for everyone to use. 

The velodrome at Packer Park has a rich history. Athletes used it as a training venue during the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, while Australian athletes trained here for the 1960 and 1964 Olympic Games. These days, it is home to Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club.

A range of recent upgrades have helped maintained its reputation as a premier cycling facility. This has included:

  • installation of a plexipave surface to give you a fantastic riding experience
  • an inside flat track that gives you a place to start and stop, and provides a run-off area to help beginner and inexperienced cyclists
  • wide track area, allowing you to move seamlessly between the banked track and flat track.

Packer Park Velodrome

Access the most modern and accessible ride imaginable.

The track is 367 metres long on the black measurement line. It's open to the public except during club training times and race days. There are signs at the track outlining these times as well as signs providing guidelines for appropriate use of the velodrome.

Please note: you must wear a bike helmet when using the velodrome.

Address and hours

Packer Park, Leila Road, Carnegie

Open to the public during daylight hours, except during club training times and race days.

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