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Glen Eira Council and Community Plan 2017–2021

The Glen Eira Council and Community Plan 2017–2021 (PDF, 8MB) identifies our goals and aspirations for the next four years. It also provides a guide for individuals, businesses, local groups and other levels of government on our strategic priorities.

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What are our priorities?

The plan features five key priority areas that will drive our activities between 2017 and 2021.

We will strive for a City that is:

  • liveable and well designed
  • accessible and well connected
  • safe, healthy and inclusive
  • clean and sustainable
  • informed and engaged

How do we know if we're on track?

Each key priority includes a series of commitments, as well as a performance measure to show how we meet that commitment.

For example, one commitment under the liveable and well designed priority is to create a new community space on the site of the old furniture warehouse in Neerim Road, Carnegie. The 2019-20 performance measure for this commitment is for implementation and activation of new open space area by June 2020.

To see all of our commitments and performance measures, download Glen Eira Council and Community Plan 2019–20 — Commitments and Performance Measurements (PDF, 3MB).

How did we develop the plan?

Our community was asked for their views and also provided feedback on the draft plan. We used methods including a community survey and online comments, to determine priorities. We also considered key government initiative and social policies. To see the results of the community survey, you can download the City of Glen Eira Community Opinion Research Report (PDF, 2MB).

We also have a Strategic Resource Plan (PDF, 1MB), which is a rolling 10-year plan outlining the financial and non-financial resources we need to achieve our strategic objectives.