Published on 07 June 2022

Council is investigating concerns of possible dog baiting in Glen Eira parks

Our Animal Management Team are investigating concerns of possible dog baiting in Glen Eira parks.

We have removed a large number of poison pellets from Allnut Park, McKinnon which appear to have been deliberately spread on the ground, but this may not be isolated to this location.

We will continue to monitor the area and have increased patrols. We ask residents remain vigilant while walking pets, being wary not to let them eat anything they may find on the ground. 

The bait has been described as small green pellets, if you suspect your pet or a native animal may have eaten the bait, please contact a vet immediately. To find out more about what you should do if you suspect your pet has eaten poison bait visit the RSPCA website.

Signs have been installed in the affected areas and Victoria Police have been notified about the incident.

For further information or report any concerns, contact us on 03 9524 3333.

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