Published on 10 October 2023

Looking after our road network

Some of the most important services Council is responsible for are maintaining roads, footpaths and the drainage barrier between the road and nature strip called kerbs and channels.

In fact, we manage over 490 kilometres of roads, over 860 kilometres of footpaths and over 830 kilometres of kerbs and channels — about the distance between Melbourne and Sydney!

We make regular improvements and upgrades to ensure these are safe and functional.

Since councils are entrusted with maintaining more than 30 per cent of all Australian public assets like roads, footpaths and parks, a large proportion of our annual Budget is committed to the maintenance and replacement of these valuable assets.

Last financial year, $3.7 million was dedicated to roads, footpaths, and kerbs and channels.

In that time, we laid nearly 10 kilometres of new asphalt across the municipality. This was through resurfacing more than 28 local roads and general maintenance works like fixing potholes and minor road surface repairs. We also reconstructed more than 10 kilometres of footpaths and share user paths, which is more than 60 laps of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

To support a greener Glen Eira, we use sustainable asphalt options as part of our annual Road Resurfacing Program, incorporating recycled materials like glass and plastic bottles.

We combine this material with asphalt and reclaimed asphalt pavement — road pavement that has been broken down and recycled into new asphalt mix. This mix also requires less heating than the application of traditional asphalt, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and reducing the amount of plastic and glass sent to landfill in line with our sustainability priorities of reducing emissions.

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