Published on 09 February 2024

Future Waste, Greener Glen Eira kicks off

We know the community values the waste services we provide. Residents rely on them daily, whether at home or out and about — and they help ensure sure we have a clean and liveable community.

We want to understand what you value and what you see as our biggest opportunities when it comes to waste.

This is because as well as planning for a separate glass recycling service to be rolled out by 2027, some of our waste service contracts are being reviewed this year.

These contracts are some of our biggest — and are typically in place for multiple years. Since they were last updated, we’ve made major commitments to work to reduce our climate footprint, and our community’s values have also shifted. So, it’s time for a refresh.

At the same time, we’ll engage with the waste industry to seek new ideas and cutting-edge solutions to support the development of these contracts and grow our circular economy.

To get this right, we want to better understand your preferences and values. This includes how a separate glass recycling service would work best for you. 

We want to spark innovation for a less wasteful future and create sustainable change.

Aside from using these services daily to dispose of their waste, our community are waste-conscious work hard to reduce unnecessary waste and recycle where possible. We want to see more of this — and we want to do what we can to support.

As part of this conversation, we will continue to support, educate and empower the community to know what services we offer and how to use them so that we’re all accountable for how we manage our resources.

Having this conversation now will help us create a strong and sustainable service for the next 10 years — and beyond.  

For more information and to get involved, including to learn more in person at a pop-up event, visit

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