Published on 16 May 2023

Join the growing movement to Electrify Everything!

Glen Eira City Council is encouraging local people to join the growing number of people who are electrifying their homes and businesses, as part of a campaign delivered by councils across Australia.

Glen Eira Mayor Cr Jim Magee said all-electric is better for your hip pocket, better for the environment and the healthiest option for your home and family.

Energy bills are rising for everyone. By installing rooftop solar panels and switching to efficient electric appliances you can reduce your running costs, use clean energy and protect against future price rises. You can also buy accredited GreenPower, grid-supplied electricity from renewable sources.

“Now’s the time to prepare so that when hot water systems, heating, cooktops and vehicles need replacing, you’re ready to make the switch. It doesn’t need to be all at once,” Cr Jim Magee said.

“Electric appliances are safe and healthy, and don’t create any indoor pollution linked to illness such as asthma in children. By planning your switch now, you’ll be safeguarding your family’s health for the future.”

Mardie and Ron Townsend from McKinnon, are creating an all-electric, efficient home that is powered by renewables.

“We have found our electric heat pump hot water system to be brilliantly efficient, especially as its timed to heat when our rooftop solar is generating power,” Ron said. The government rebates helped reduce the cost of the hot water system.

The Townsends replaced both their inefficient air-conditioner and gas space heater with low-energy electric heat pump systems.

Cr Jim Magee said Glen Eira City Council was proud to be part of the national campaign.

“Collectively we can make a real impact by councils nationwide promoting the clear benefits of electrifying everything.”

The campaign is led by Merri-bek City Council, which developed the resources after conducting research into attitudes about and knowledge of all-electric homes.

Attend our Winter Energy Efficiency online event on Monday 22 May and Solar and Batteries Information Session on Tuesday 20 June.

Visit our Electrify Glen Eira web page to:

  • read independent expert guides on efficient, electric appliances including heat pump technology and induction cook tops
  • install rooftop solar through our Solar Savers program
  • watch our webinars on solar and all-electric homes
  • create a personalised Go Electric Plan based on the age of your appliances and vehicle
  • navigate government rebates
  • learn about accredited GreenPower, grid-supplied electricity from renewable sources

Council is electrifying its operations

Glen Eira City Council is going all-electric in its operations, with major new buildings being efficient, electric and powered by 100 per cent renewables, avoiding the use of gas. It is also transitioning its vehicles towards a zero emissions fleet

New fully electric buildings include the Murrumbeena Community Hub and Carnegie Memorial Swimming Pool.

Around 20 per cent of Council’s electricity needs are met through around 2,700 solar panels on 48 Council buildings (940-kilowatt capacity). Our remaining electricity comes from large-scale wind farms via the Victorian Energy Collaboration, a joint project of 51 councils that have switched to 100 per cent renewable electricity. As a result, our operational carbon emissions have reduced by more than two-thirds.  

Glen Eira Mayor Cr Jim Magee said our work towards the goal of net zero emissions from Council operations by 2025 is heavily focused on electrification and reducing the use of gas. Over time we are transitioning our existing buildings to have all-electric heating, cooling, hot water and cooking,” Cr Jim Magee said.

Council continues to roll out electric vehicle charging stations for public use and charging the Council-owned fleet. There are eight publicly accessible charging stations across Glen Eira.

“Our Council fleet is transitioning to electric vehicles; we currently have four electric vehicles, with 10 more ordered and expected mid-year. We are also sourcing other electric vehicles and equipment, such as trucks and ride on lawn mowers,” Cr Jim Magee said.

Council continues to advocate to the Victorian Government to introduce planning controls that would require new commercial and multi-residential developments to meet elevated Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) targets. The new buildings would need to be all-electric with no gas connection, maximise rooftop solar, use renewable electricity and provide electric vehicle infrastructure.

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