Published on 05 September 2019

Council welcomes feedback on options for a Safe Cycling Corridor

Residents are invited to provide feedback on Council’s Corridor Assessment Report on Safe Cycling Corridor options for Glen Eira.

The Corridor Assessment Report follows on from our consultation with residents earlier this year about an opportunity to pilot a safe cycling corridor along Inkerman Road in Caulfield North.

The Report contains information on four route options which could provide residents with a cycle connection into the CBD. These are:

  1. Dandenong Road;
  2. Inkerman Road — Alma Road (two-way);
  3. Alma Road eastbound and Inkerman Road westbound (one-way); and
  4. Inkerman Road.

Each route option has been assessed against three criteria:

  1. Safety for Cyclists;
  2. Impact on the Neighbourhood; and
  3. Feasibility of Construction.

To help understand each route’s potential for a safe cycling corridor, a range of data has been gathered against each of the criteria. These include: traffic counts; current use by cyclists; number of crashes recorded along each route; and the levels of parking demand.

Consultation on the Corridor Assessment Report closes on Monday 14 October 2019 and the feedback will be presented to Council for a decision in December.

For further information and to provide feedback, visit

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