Participate in a Council meeting

You can participate at a Council meeting in the Public Participation section, if you want to ask a brief question or make a statement related to our role, functions or business.

COVID-19 — measures

Whether the Public Participation section of a Council meeting will be able to be held will be determined on a meeting-by-meeting basis in accordance with either DHHS advice or Part 12 – ‘COVID-19 temporary measures’ of the Local Government Act 2020. Please refer to the meeting agenda page for further information.

It is our intention to permit 15 minutes for public participation. This allows members of the community to address Council, either making a statement or asking a question. In accordance with section 31 of the Governance Rules (PDF, 569KB), this is at the discretion, and under the direction of the Chairperson.

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If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service team on 03 9524 3333 who will be able to help you.