Grow our urban forest

A healthy urban forest supports a healthy community, especially as our climate changes.   


Glen Eira’s urban forest is not only our street and park trees, but all the trees and plants across our public and private land. Collectively this forest provides a range of irreplaceable benefits including cooling during heatwaves; cleaner air and water; habitat for birds and wildlife; enhancing the look and feel of our city and our overall wellbeing.  

Regrettably our tree canopy cover on private land is declining, with thousands of trees being lost each year. It requires a joint effort from all of us, across public and private land, to ensure we have a healthy, biodiverse urban forest. To protect trees and increase greening on private land, we’re advocating to the state government for stronger planning controls for new developments. We’re also developing a local law to protect private trees.

Here’s how you can take action to enhance Glen Eira’s urban forest: