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Nutrition on a budget

Nutrition bang for your buck! How do you make healthy food choices without breaking the bank? Have you tried swapping out half (or all) of the mince in recipes for plant-based nutrition? Try some of our strategies to squeeze all the nutrients out of every dollar and stretch your food budget a bit further.

Reduce food waste

Eat root to fruit - try vegetable odds and ends in salad, pesto or stock.


Choose vegetables and wholegrains as these are packed with nutrients.

Go with the seasons

Eat with the seasons for better quality, cheaper food and reduce your food miles.

Cheaper cuts of meat can be tougher

Use these cuts for stews and cook low and slow.


Choose beans, pulses and legumes more often as your protein source.

Save time and money

Cook in bulk and freeze for later.

Skill up

Teach yourself how to cook new foods to increase variety and save on pre-made options.

Use canned or frozen vegetables

So you always have vegetables at hand.


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