Glen Eira Local Laws

We have produced local laws to help maintain a safe, pleasing, peaceful and healthy environment for the community.

We have four local laws:

  • Community Local Law
  • Classified Tree Local Law 
  • Smoke-Free Zones Local Law
  • Council Meeting Procedure

Community Local Law 

The Community Local Law prohibits, regulates and controls certain activities, practices and behaviours to ensure that neighbourhood amenity is maintained, residents are not unreasonably impacted, and residents properties are not detrimentally affected.

Community Local Law

The Community Local Law refers to the following incorporated documents:

Incorporated document referred to in the Community Local Law in:
Building Site Management Code of Practice Clause 16
Nature Strip Guidelines Clause 32
A Good Neighbour Code Of Practice for a Circus or Carnival  Clause 42
Mobile Garbage Bins, Recycling Containers and Organics Containers Policy  Clause 57
Residential Parking Permit System  Part 14

Classified Tree Local Law

We recognise the contribution that Classified Trees make to the character of our suburban environment. Indiscriminate damage to and destruction of Classified Trees results in a degradation of this established character. This Local Law gives us the necessary controls to effectively caretake our City’s Classified Trees.

Classified Tree Local Law

Documents that are associated with the Classified Tree Local Law:

Incorporated document referred to in the Classified Tree Local Law:
Classified Tree Register Clause 10
Classified Tree Policy Parts 3 and 4

Standards Australia, Pruning of Amenity Trees (AS 4373-2007) and Standards Australia, Protection of Trees on Development Sites (AS 4970-2009) are available for inspection by appointment at Council's office. Contact the Service Centre on 03 9524 3333 to book an appointment.

Smoke-Free Zones Local Law

All levels of government have a responsibility to protect, promote and improve health and wellbeing. The Tobacco Act 1987 is a key piece of State government legislation regulating tobacco products and smoking offences. Under the Smoke-Free Zones Local Law, Glen Eira City Council can also prohibit smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes and shisha pipes, in prescribed smoke-free zones. It is an offence to smoke in a prescribed smoke-free zones. Non-compliance may result in fines or prosecution.

Smoke-Free Zones Local Law

Smoke-Free Zones

Glen Eira City Council has prescribed 14 smoke-free zones under the Smoke-Free Zones Local Law in its Activity Centres. These are:

Council Meeting Procedure

The Governance Rules, adopted by Council on 11 August 2020, take precedence over the Council Meeting Procedure 2019 to the extent of any inconsistency, and will govern the conduct of future Council meetings.  

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