Reminiscence boxes

Recalling past events, or reminiscing, is an important and therapeutic part of ageing. Our reminiscence boxes use historical photos and objects to trigger memories and discussion. 

On this page

We also loan our reminiscence boxes to aged care facilities and community groups. Objects and photographs can be touched, handled and passed around in a group setting and are designed for people with a range of physical and cognitive abilities.

Priority is given to Glen Eira-based organisations and community groups

What's in the boxes

Box themes cover the period from 1920s to 1960s and include:

Events and celebrations

Do you remember the 1954 Royal visit of Queen Elizabeth II or even your own debutante ball? Revisit special past events and some old fashioned modes of travel.

Around the home

Bring back memories of everyday objects around the home such as meat press, butter pats, and cookbooks.

Dances and balls

A night out and about. Take a trip down memory lane with debutantes and dance halls.

How to borrow a box

Call our History and Heritage unit on 9524 3333 or fill out the form below: