Clothes and textiles cannot be recycled in your yellow recycling bin. If possible, it's best to repair, rehome or repurpose uniforms. Clothing and textiles can be recycled by ordering a collection from a specialist recycling program such as Upparel. Last resort is to dispose of clothes in the general waste bin. 

If the uniform is in good condition, see if it can be reused through a second-hand uniform store or someone else you know. If the uniform needs repair, see if it can be mended by a tailor rather than throwing it away. 

If the uniform is no longer wearable, it could be recycled by ordering an Upparel collection.

Schools and workplaces can also sign up to Worn up to upcycle non-wearable uniforms into new products and materials such as school desks, acoustic tiles and other recycled textile products. Any zips and buttons are removed and reused. 


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