Used tissues can be placed in your green bin along with your food and garden waste. For those with Coronavirus (COVID-19), please put bagged tissues in your red bin.

Advice for householders regarding COVID-19

Below are some guidelines you can include in your daily routine in regards to COVID-19.

If you take your bin to the kerb, make sure you wash your hands before and after you bring it back in.

If you take a bin out on behalf of others, make sure you wear gloves and dispose of them appropriately.  

For those with Coronavirus (COVID-19), put all of your usual items in your bin which goes out for kerbside collection. Wash your hands afterwards.

Please also put the following disposable items into a sealed plastic or paper bag and into your bin: 

  • tissues 
  • cleaning cloths 
  • masks 

Put the bag in general waste (not recycle or green waste) for kerbside collection. 

Put paper, cardboard and other recyclables that have mixed with the above disposable items into general waste as well.  

Wash your hands straight after handling disposable items or items that have become mixed with them.  

To help waste collectors: 

  • Compact rubbish - if possible - before putting it in your kerbside general waste bin. 
  • Don’t compact waste that is already in the bin. It may become stuck and not empty properly. 
  • Don’t overfill waste or recycling kerbside bins or put them where they may easily tip over or spill.  

Please also ensure you leave your bin in an unobstructed location.