Tetra Paks or long life cartons

Tetra Paks are not recyclable. Please dispose of in your red general waste bin.

Tetra Paks (such as long life milk cartons, stock cartons and juice cartons) are not accepted in the yellow recycling bin at this stage. Tetra Paks were removed from the accepted items since we were advised they are most likely becoming residual waste and not being recycled into new materials.

Please dispose of in your red general waste bin. 

We understand that this packaging type can be particularly confusing because the ARL recycling label on some of these products indicates they are recyclable.

We want to ensure that everything going into the yellow recycling bin is being recycled. Recycling and recovering the resources used to make this type of packaging is something that Tetra Pak is working on and in communication with Council about. We will update this guide and let you know if there are any changes.  

Tetrapak, long-life carton, long life milk carton, stock carton