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Recycling bin (yellow lid)

What goes in your yellow-lidded recycling bin.

The yellow recycling bin is collected every second week

Your yellow bin is for your recyclables including glass, metal, paper and some plastics. Make sure to empty plastic containers of any food, and take the lids off glass jars or plastic bottles before putting them into the yellow bin. Plastic lids go in the red bin.

✔ Yes ✖ No
Office paper and cardboard (not shredded paper) ✖ Aerosol cans
Newspapers and magazines Plastic bags Soft plastics (anything that is plastic and can be scrunched into a ball eg. bread bags, cling film, pasta bags) 
Clean pizza boxes Polystyrene
✔ Fresh milk or juice cartons (not Tetra Pak)  Ceramics 
Empty plastic takeaway food containers Batteries
Plastic bottles (bottle only, lids go in the red bin) Plastic cutlery
Detergent bottles (bottle only, lids go in the red bin)  Garden waste
Empty plastic tubs (eg. yoghurt tubs, ice cream containers) Food waste 
Plastic meat trays Clothes or fabric
Plastic plant pots (less than 10cm in diameter) Chemicals Hazardous waste
✔ Plastic fruit punnets and biscuit trays Light globes 
✔ Aluminium trays and foil (clean and scrunched)  Electronics
✔ Aluminium and steel cans  Gas cylinders or canisters
Glass jars and bottles (separate glass from metal lids and place both in the yellow bin)   Shredded paper or newspaper
Envelopes (including with plastic windows) ✖ Tetra Pak (long life milk) cartons