Mattresses can be recycled through our hard rubbish collection service, or can be collected for recycling by Soft Landing or Bed Collect.

  • Soft Landing is a national social enterprise that collects and recycles mattresses to keep waste out of landfill and create jobs for people experiencing barriers to work. 
  • Bed Collect is an eco-friendly bed recycling business based in Melbourne and is 100% Australian owned. We collect mattresses and bases from both domestic and commercial clients within 30km of the Melbourne CBD and manufacture and deliver refurbished beds to charities.

Once at the sorting facility, mattresses are separated into spring and non-spring types. Spring mattresses are fed into a slow speed shredder, which is fitted with a metal magnet recovery system.

All shredded steel is separated and sent for metal recovery. All foam recovered is bailed and on-sold to foam recyclers for re-use.

Any timber recovered from bed bases is also separated and recycled where possible.