Clothing in good condition can be donated or sold for reuse. Clothing in poor condition can be sent to UPparel for textile recycling. Please do not put clothing in your yellow bin, clothing must be placed in your red bin if it is not reused or repurposed. 

Clothing in good condition can be:

  • donated to selected op shops and charities through local charity bins, SCR recycling hubs or Donate Direct to match your items directly to those in need
  • sold at a market or through an online buy and sell platform e.g. Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or eBay
  • given away to family and friends - try hosting a clothing swap and refreshing your own wardrobe

Some organisations collect specific items:

  • professional attire can be donated to Dress for Success to help disadvantaged people dress for work or job interviews
  • good condition running shoes can be donated to Shoes for Planet Earth
  • good condition sports footwear, apparel and equipment can be donated to Boots For All 

Clothing in poor condition can be:

  • picked up from your door through a paid collection service and recycled by UPparel into new textile products - so far UPparel has saved over 1.7 million items from landfill!
  • disposed of in your red bin as a last resort.


Clothing should never be placed in your yellow bin.  

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