Recycle your food scraps

Food scraps are no longer garbage. They belong in your green bin. 

Recycling food waste is easy – just put them in a kitchen caddy and then empty the caddy contents into your green bin with your garden waste.

If you have a Council green bin, residents who would like one can order a free kitchen caddy for your food scraps.

You can collect your kitchen caddy from the Town Hall service desk. First call our Customer Service Centre on 9524 3333. If you don't have a green waste bin, contact us to arrange one.

Reducing the amount of food you throw away should be your first option. Download our free Food Smart Guide (PDF, 3MB) for tips on how to do this.

See our rubbish and recycling calendar for bin collection days. Visit our A-Z guide for up-to-date information on what you can and can’t recycle, and where to take waste that we don’t collect.

What can I put in my green bin?



Fruit and vegetable scraps

No plastic bags or packaging of any kind

Egg shells

Cigarette butts

Coffee grounds and loose leaf tea

Nappies and baby wipes

Meat scraps and bones

Coffee pods and tea bags

Used paper, paper towel and tissues

Coffee cups (including compostable)

Dairy leftovers

Kitty litter (including biodegradable)

Bread, pasta, cereal and rice

Dog or cat droppings

Weeds and flowers

Ash and tree stumps

Grass and leaves

Glass and metal

Garden prunings

Vacuum dust


Hair (including pet hair)




Paper plates


Biodegradable and compostable bags, cutlery and paper plates


Remember no plastic bags - even compostable and biodegradable ones. It’s critical we avoid plastic contamination, as it could end up in the soil that grows our food. You can wrap your food scraps in newspaper or paper towel.

The cost of food in landfill

In 2016-17 Glen Eira households threw out almost 31,000 tonnes of garbage. Our auditing found around half of this to be food waste – equivalent to about 300 tonnes a week.

Rotting food left in landfills creates methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide. See the story of food chart (PDF, 120KB) from farm to table.

Along with the devastating environmental consequences, food going into landfill is expensive for your household.

Food waste questions

What happens to my food and garden waste?

Food and garden waste is turned into compost at a commercial facility in Dandenong South. It is then used on farms, parks and gardens to improve soil. Visit the Back to Earth website for more information on where this compost is used in Victoria. Council also uses it on our parks and gardens.




  • The Back to Earth Initiative

What if I already have compost at home?

We encourage you to continue with your own composting. Our service complements home composting, as our commercial facility accepts animal bones, meat, citrus peel and dairy, which aren't recommend for most home composting.

If you want to set up your own compost system, visit our home composting page or Sustainability Victoria’s composting at home guide.

How often will you collect food waste?

The green waste bin is collected every fortnight. See our rubbish and recycling calendar for bin collection days.

Why use a kitchen caddy?

A kitchen caddy makes it easier to collect scraps as you prepare food. You can use your own container if you prefer.

Will my kitchen caddy or green bin smell?

To reduce any smells:

  • wrap food waste in newspaper or paper towel
  • empty your caddy into your green bin every two or three days
  • wash the caddy at least once a week – it’s dishwasher-safe
  • sprinkle bicarbonate of soda in your kitchen caddy
  • layer lawn clippings, garden prunings, newspaper or hay in your green bin
  • keep your caddy and green bin closed and don’t overfill them
  • keep your green bin in the shade
  • keep seafood and meat scraps in the freezer until collection day.

Where can I collect my kitchen caddy?

You can collect your kitchen caddy from the Town Hall service desk. First call our Customer Service Centre on 9524 3333.

Can businesses have their food waste collected and composted?

No. Our food recycling service doesn’t cater for commercial quantities of food waste.

We’re reviewing the long-term waste service needs of our higher density population and activity centres in 2018-19.

What if I don’t have a green bin?

Each home with a Council waste service is entitled to one free green bin. You can get an additional bin for $30 per year.

Can I use compostable or biodegradable bags for my food waste?

No. Our green waste processing facility doesn’t accept any plastic bags. They do not break down in the in-vessel composting system and contaminate the compost. Waste is also hand sorted. If the food waste is bagged, contamination can't be detected.

Can I wrap my food waste?

If you wrap your food waste, please use a single sheet of newspaper, tissue or paper towel. Please remove all packaging and place it your garbage bin or recycling bin. Check out our A-Z guide for more information.

If I live in apartment, can I use the green bin for food waste?

Yes, if your apartment block uses our garbage service. We can’t offer the service is a private contractor collects your rubbish.


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