Subdivision is the process of dividing land into two or more lots that can be sold separately.

About subdivision

What is subdivision?

Subdivision allows you to divide land into two or more new parcels, which then can be sold off separately.

Can I subdivide my property?

If you have more than one house or buildings on your land, in most cases it is possible to subdivide the land. If you want to subdivide your land and there is no house or building on one of the new parcels, this might not be possible without us first know what will be built on the land.

Most subdivision applications we deal with require you to get a planning permit to develop your land first. Then you can apply for permission to subdivide your land.

I have planning approval to develop and now want to subdivide

When you have your approved development permit, you must make a separate application to us for subdivision. Your application for subdivision must be in accordance with your development permit.

At this point, we recommend that you speak to a land surveyor who can help draw up your plans.

Your application

A Licensed Land Surveyor (surveyor) must prepare a Plan of Subdivision. In most cases your surveyor will prepare and lodge your application, acting as the applicant, and will be communicating with us. The application process consists of two separate stages - the Planning Permit process and the Certification process - which can run at the same time.

Most subdivision applications are now submitted online through SPEAR. You can ask your surveyor for access to SPEAR to check the progress of your application.

For more information on subdivision requirements, including fees and a checklist, download our Subdivisions information sheet (PDF, 103KB)

What happens after I apply?

When we receive your subdivision application, we’ll refer it to relevant service authorities. We must consider any comments from referral authorities and include any requirements as conditions.

We may also need to notify other Council departments such as Engineering, Valuations and Rates.

Before we can finalise your application, you must have:

  • your planning permit to subdivide
  • satisfied all your permit conditions , including any requirements for a Section 173 Agreement and public open space contribution
  • consent from all relevant referral authorities
  • completed all public works associated with your development. For example, footpaths and crossovers.

Public Open Space contribution

An application for subdivision may attract a requirement for a Public Open Space contribution. You can make this contribution by:

  • setting aside land for public open space
  • paying a percentage of the overall site value of the land (payment to go towards buying or improving existing public open spaces)
  • a combination of both of the above.

Do I have to make a Public Open Space contribution?

Most subdivisions are required to make a Public Open Space contribution, however exceptions apply such as some two-lot subdivisions that are unlikely to be further subdivided in the future.

How do you calculate contributions?

You will be provided with an invoice before we finalise the last step in the subdivision process to pay a Public Open Space contribution. This is charged in most parts of the municipality at 5.7 per cent of the site value.

How do you value my site?

Our valuation department handles this. For information on how we value your site, please contact them on 9524 3333.

How do I pay the contribution?

Your invoice will set out the way to make your Public Open Space contribution.

Please note: an invoice is only valid for one year, so if you don't pay with in that time we will have to revalue your property. This may impact on your fee.

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